How did you decide on prices?

All of these prices reflect what it costs me to make these shirts and get them out to you. I don’t turn any profit on these items (and I don’t want to!). I just want you to be able to get some great teamRIPPED gear and wear it proudly!

What are the shipping costs for shirts?

It varies by item. For the US, I have rolled the shipping cost into the cost of each shirt. So a shirt for $14, ships for $14. Shipping to Canada just costs more, so each shirt with have $4 added to cover shipping.

What about international shipping?

I went over my averages for international orders and $15 is the flat rate rate for international orders of shirts.

International Shakeology?

At this time I cannot send any Shakeology samples internationally. There are too many regulations through the different customs agencies to do it reliably. Sorry!

Shakeology samples?

There are 2 requirements for receiving a FREE Shakeology sample:

1) You haven’t tried Shakeology before and are serious about ordering Shakeology if you like the taste.

2) You must be a member of teamRIPPED. If you haven’t made me your coach yet, that’s easy … AND FREE!

You can join teamRIPPED by CLICKING HERE .  Then just follow the insructions to fill out the form for a free teambeachbody account.

***NOTE*** If you already have a teambeachbody account, clicking that link above will not make you a member of teamRIPPED. It will simply redirect you to your existing teambeachbody account.  You can still join our team, but you’ll need to email me at for details

Multiple Shakeology Samples

If you want more than 1 sample of Shakeology, I am willing to do that provided: You are on teamRIPPED (see above) and you cover the $6 cost for each sample above and beyond your first free sample.